Good Shepherd Sunday

Gospel John 10:27-30

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. The question on this Fourth Sunday of Easter of the Liturgy is – who has the rights or is entitled to hear the voice of the Shepherd, to be known by Him and to follow Him?

As you heard in the First Reading, the experience of Paul and Barnabas when they were preaching the Gospel, they suffered persecution. Where did they go? The Lord sent them to bring salvation to the most extreme parts of the world, especially the Gentiles. Paul and Barnabas preached the Gospel for everyone.

In the Second Reading of the book of Revelation, John looked at the multitudes from every nation, from all tribes and peoples.

Therefore for our question this Sunday from the First and Second Readings, we know that it is not only those that are Catholics or Christians that must follow the Good Shepherd. The Liturgy is inviting us to think that everyone has the right and is entitled to follow and hear the voice of the Lord.

This is the great point of Easter, the experience of the Resurrection, Jesus among us; the presence of Jesus in the Good Shepherd is for everyone. It seems obvious for us but with conflicts between the different communities, we may forget. All nations shall hear the voice of the Lord – Jesus the Good Shepherd is for all. And the great destiny we get from the Good Shepherd? Eternal Life. Everyone is entitled to have Eternal Life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.