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Keep in contact with one of the following persons in our team for submissions, inquiries and other media related content.

Lionel Jackson


Hi, my name is Lionel Jackson. I’m married to Belinda and we have 3 children. Our daughter Noelene is the eldest and she is married to Andrew and they have a son, Jonah. Our second is Warren, married to Candice and they have a daughter, Aliana. Then Dillon is our youngest and he is with us at home. His girlfriend is Danielle. Now you know my family. It’s about 15 years that I’m a parishioner at St Patrick’s.

I started teaching Catechism in the early days and then got involved with the first Festival of Nations and have been involved with all 7 since then. You get to know the priests and community when you are involved. I have been active in the last 2 PPC’s and will volunteer to join the PFC once that process is formalized. I truly enjoy working with the Scalabrini priests and all the ministries and groups at our parish.

You get to know different cultures and personalities and you work for the common good of our faith and church. I’m really proud of St Patrick’s and all the work we do and all that we are achieving. I’m currently helping out with our parish Website and our monthly GIVE Campaign.

Yuresha Mary Perumal

Web Editor

Yuresha has been a parishioner of St. Patrick’s, La Rochelle from 2014. She became involved with the parish finances in July 2017 and has recently joined the English Catechists.

She currently teaches Grade 1 Good Shepherd Catechism on Saturdays. One of her hobbies is writing and she submits articles about the Parish events to the AdNews regularly.

Emmanuel Musa Mulamba


Emmanuel is a multimedia Producer and has been a parishioner of St. Patrick’s La Rochelle since 2005. As an activist, he sat on various refugee forums such as Amnesty International South Africa, Refugee Ministries Centre, Jesuits Refugee Services, Mercy House, The Three2Six Project, Bienvenu Shelter and Brand SADC).

Currently, Emmanuel is a member of Johannesburg-Migrant-Advisory-Panel – City of Johannesburg (JMAP) Executive Committee and JRS Board member