Social Project

Update on the social projects

  • The Sewing Class has been suspended since March 26, 2020 ever since the lockdown. The classes will start once we are in Level 1.
  • SVDP and Mother Teresa Charity group shut down the soup kitchens have also been shut down since the lockdown. We will inform you when the soup kitchens will resume. Not likely to be in the near future.
  • However, as you know, with the lockdown, many poor people have lost their jobs and source of income. With generous support from well- wishers, some donors and parishioners, we have been providing food parcels to 1,500 families every second week. Each food parcels contains a bottle of 750 mil. Oil, 1 kg. mealie meal, one kg. sugar, baked beans, a packets of spaghetti, 1 kg. Beans and `1 kg. rice (please modify father if I have left anything out). One food parcel is worth R 80.

    We have been distributing the food parcels since the second week of April and hope to continue as long was we get funding. Please continue to support us with this initiative, either by providing food or funding.

  • We have also launched a Blanket Drive project. Our target is to buy 1,000 blankets @ R 60 per blanket. We have managed to get funding for approximately 400 blankets, but still have a long way to go. Th winter is upon us and there are any poor people, especially children who need to be kept warm. Any support you can provide us with this initiate would be greatly appreciated. Deposit can be made via EFT into the Church bank account which is given on the second page of the bulletin. Or cash can be given to Father Jorge Guerra.

If you need further information on our social projects, please feel to contact Fr. Jorge Guerra

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