Gospel Luke 12:32-48 

Today’s Blessing of the Grotto is an opportunity to remind us of how blessed we are – in our communities and with each other. We are a blessing. The treasure of the congregation is not how many issues we have solved or how many Church’s we build, but we as missionaries are the treasures because without us the congregation is nothing! The first blessing is us, our commitment, our faith and our families. Our faith is packed and contained within us but it needs to be unpacked with our time, dedication and commitment we give to our Parish. We need to thank our Lord for being aware that we need to be a blessing. Today we need to ask ourselves how we can continue to be a blessing to our community and family.

In the first reading there is the treasure of faith and fidelity. This responsibility was given to us at Baptism to nourish. A gift to be accepted nourished and shaped with others. It requires a response, trust and confidence in God, in ourselves and in others. Abraham in the second reading was a model of faith. He gave the best of himself, like Mary gave her son after accepting God.

Our new Grotto is a point of encounter with God and others, a place of contemplation and prayer. The Grotto is made of stone, metal and glass. Separated, these elements are nothing but together it forms a shape and creates harmony. It becomes a space for Our Lady to be blessed. Like us that also need to be shaped for God. Ask yourself today, what do I need to contribute to create harmony for God? This is the mission of the Church.

In the Gospel the lamp keeps burning. This is the symbol of prayers. Through Mary we maintain our Church to transform us and renew us to make space for Divinity.