The Transfiguration

Gospel Matthew 17:1-9 

“This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him.”

Millions of people look at Abraham as their father in faith. Jews, Muslims and Christians look to him as the model man faithful to God. In the first reading of Genesis, God called Abraham to leave his home land, his country and to go somewhere that wasn’t revealed to him. He was comfortable there and had everything he needed, but the promises of God were the center of the message and the blessings received through Him. Abraham went as the Lord told him. We also need to depart from the country of our sinful way of life during the Lenten season and if we are uncertain then trust in Him to see us through.

The second reading asks us to bear our hardships for the Gospel. But through suffering and death, there is hope in immortality. We need to proclaim the Word of God when persecuted. On the road to Emmaus, Jesus asks the disciples about His own identity – the Messiah, then He tells about His suffering and death and His rising three days later.

Today’s Gospel is in this context – His transfiguration. Jesus is the new Moses to lead the people of God to the Promised Land – Heaven. The disciples didn’t understand but then the cloud was the endorsement of the Father, the foretaste and glimpse of Heaven.

How can our own transfiguration take place? God tells us to listen to Him. To listen is to obey and put into action. The Bible tells us in many places – don’t take revenge, love your enemies, become children of the Father in Heaven, close the door when you are praying and the Father will reward you, don’t store riches on earth but in Heaven because your heart is always where your riches are, do not judge others or God will judge you, take up your cross daily and follow Him.

Do we embrace suffering? It is a part of our Heavenly glory. We can’t avoid it in our lives and we need to pray for the help and the grace to always obey Him. Let us ask God to grace us all in the way He knows best. Amen.