The Samaritan Woman

Gospel John 4:5-42 

There are a few words in today’s readings that I want you to think about. The first word is ‘water’ which is found in the 1st reading and in the Gospel. ‘Discipleship’ is the second word from the 1st reading when the people of Israel face hardships. The third word is ‘dialogue’ between Moses and the people and Moses and God.

Water – In the Gospel, Jesus says to the woman, ”Give me a drink.” On the cross He expresses His thirst for salvation and life. It was the most difficult moment of His passion. All of us are thirsty for this living water which when we receive it, can rejoice and hope. We are invited to look at the side of Jesus in which blood and water pours out as a symbol of life, grace and reconciliation.

Discipleship – 80% of people that come to Church are not disciples of Jesus. True disciples of Jesus sees in Him a Saviour, listens to His Word, nourishes themselves and goes out and says, “Listen, I found a Messiah that saved me.” A true disciple testifies for our Saviour and our Redeemer and accepts His truth and life.

Dialogue – From the 1st Sunday of Lent, Adam and Eve fall down due to a lack of dialogue between them and God. Jesus triumphs over the devil’s dialogue in the wilderness, then there is a dialogue between Moses, Elijah and the Father. Today there is a dialogue between Jesus and the woman. There are two different waters that the woman and Jesus are talking about. Jesus is talking about the Living water which is the Holy Spirit. To whom are we talking? Are we talking with ourselves or with God? We can slowly encounter Jesus Christ with dialogue.

Let us recognise this thirst for the Living water, let us have hope in Him that will not disappoint us, let us become true disciples that tell people what He did for us, and let us bring believers to Him. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to help us to grow in service to God and the community. Amen.