The Narrow Door

Gospel Luke 13:22-30 

The question to ask each other today is – Will you be saved?

There is a worldwide tendency among people in religious groups that think that they are the best and they will be the only ones that will be saved at the end of time. Among Jews, Muslims, Christian denominations and different sects there is the belief that only they will be saved. There is also the belief that salvation is not available to non-Christians. However, all salvation comes from Christ who is the Church and which is one universal body.

Jesus taught his disciples about salvation and about another law. The house master refuses to open the door to companions known to him. They were unrecognizable and late and he no longer answers them. Few will be saved, salvation is not guaranteed to anyone. Nobody is guaranteed to be accepted by God. That is why He came to preach and convert many so they may be saved. This is the mission of the Church.

There is not a single person of any different race, nationality, class or gender that is excluded from the salvation of God. The Church’s mission is to go out and proclaim the Good News to convert all the people of God. The path of life is narrow but love of God and neighbor leads us through the door to salvation. Jesus had to suffer and die to save us. His love embodies all suffering, pain and sacrifice. If we choose to love instead of hate, if we observe the commandments to love God and neighbor, then we will succeed in entering through the narrow door.

How can Jesus not recognize a baptized person? Because they failed to recognize Him. What we fail to do to our brothers and sisters, we fail to do unto Him. When we are face to face with God through the narrow door, we will be surprised at who is there in His Kingdom and who isn’t. People whom we were sure would not enter such as atheists, pilgrims and other races will be saved. He said that people from all over, the east, west, north and south will take their place in the Kingdom because He recognized them. In the first reading, Jesus said that all nations shall proclaim the Kingdom of God. God created all human beings in His image and likeness and all should be saved.

We are invited today to pray to God to help us to strive to enter through the narrow door, to be recognized, and to love unconditionally. Amen.