The end of Time

Gospel Mark 13:24-32 

Chapter 13 of Mark is the conclusion of the Liturgical year. From chapter 14 we start the narrative of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus. It means that the feelings of the Gospel of today is the feelings of the end of time. Today we are about to conclude the Liturgical year, the 33rd Sunday in ordinary time, next week is the Feast of Christ the King to conclude the Liturgical year and start Advent.

My point is at the very moment of the conclusion of the Liturgical year, you have the feeling to encounter something – Jesus. The reflection is telling us how to prepare ourselves to encounter Jesus. The Gospel today gives us three very important points on how to prepare ourselves for the moment when it happens.

  • The Gospel says – those days after the great tribulation – which means that for us to encounter Jesus, the Son of Man, we must go through tribulations before. We will not have an encounter with Jesus without tribulation in our lives. After the tribulations something very important will happen. We know very well what is going on in the world today, the Covid pandemic. We as Christians and Catholics must believe that after this tribulation, something very important will happen to us. Unfortunately it’s very painful because we have lost many, but we must keep our faith very strong and believe that the Will of God will come to us.
  • The lesson of the fig tree – the branches become tender and sprouts leaves, then summer is near. But before summer was winter. The fig tree is telling us that everything has its own circle. We need to observe nature. It doesn’t mean that because you cannot see the leaves on the branches that it is not there. It will come later. For our faith and for our lives, if you cannot see the result now, the good things now, it will come later.
  • Where will the coming of the Lord happen? In my house, La Rochelle, Brazil? The moment is at the gates. What does that mean? The coming of the Lord, the Kingdom of God, will happen everywhere and here and now among us, in our community.

The moment, the lesson and the place is important for us to prepare ourselves to experience the coming of the Lord at the end of this Liturgical year. Let us ask the intercession of Mother Mary to help us to prepare our lives to be lived among our brothers and sisters in peace. This is the preparation of the Kingdom of God, of Heaven, among us. Amen.