The blind man

Gospel John 9: 1-41 

Today is the second scrutiny of the Elect in preparation for Baptism, therefore the Liturgy readings are based on Cycle A.

The blind man in the Gospel of John represents the oppressed people, those who live always in the conditions of slavery, the marginalised. The mission of Jesus is to show us the possibilities for liberation. This story illustrates Jesus as the water of life and the light of the world. The man born blind sees more clearly when he comes to full faith.

The Gospel of the blind man helps us to understand three main points for us to rethink about our own Baptism.

The first is the sign sent by God. Jesus is the real sign that God sent to us. He does the work of God fully. He is the Holy One. Therefore Jesus heals the man with his spit and dust and gave the blind man a new life. Jesus gave sight to the blind for him to see the creation of life. Jesus is the only sign of God among us.

The second is the way that we understand and welcome the sign of God. In the Gospel, the reaction of the neighbours was doubt. We can include ourselves here because sometimes we struggle to believe the sign of God among us; we doubt the real presence of Jesus among us.

The third point is the transformation. The action of Jesus towards the blind man. Jesus touched the tradition of the old religion. He criticised the Pharisees. Jesus did the miracle on the Sabbath day and according to tradition, it was not possible. He put the blind man in the centre of the community. We need to take care of our brothers and sisters in need, even though it is the Sabbath day. Therefore Jesus criticised the attitude and belief of the Pharisees based on the tradition.

We need to take these three points – when we accept Jesus, He gives us fully the way the see creation. We need to stop the ways that we doubt the signs of God through the actions of Jesus. Once we accept Jesus through Baptism, there is no way for us to doubt the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, among the sick, the marginalised, those in jail. In the end, we all have the obligation to touch, to criticise the leaders (religious, political, social) when they are blind, when they are doing things that are not according to the law of the Lord.

The Gospel is telling us that we all have this great mission in our society, community and lives. Amen.