Responsibilities as Confirmed Christians

Confirmation Sunday – A Special Reflection

Today’s homily touches us all, not just the Confirmation candidates but all faithful Catholics. After confirmation, we have responsibilities to be people of Prayer, Virtue and Sacramentals. All Christians need to have these fundamentals in their lives.

Prayer – all people in the world and in the Church need to be people of prayer. Catholics are lucky because we have routine prayers and books we can follow. We need to pray in the morning, evening and during any time of the day. We need to spend time with the Lord in prayer from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed. We should thank Him for all the gifts He has given us; we wake up only because He has given us this gift! There should be moments and many times during the day when we turn to Him, not always asking for something, but instead giving thanks. Pray before a meal and before others, even in public, don’t be embarrassed but be grateful for the prayers you have in your hearts. Before going to bed think about the mistakes made in the day, your conscience should be examined and ask for forgiveness.

Virtue – we cannot be a virtuous person without being a prayerful person. Being virtuous means being good because you want to be good. This is what God wants us to do. To be good, kind and charitable, to do what we can to help the poor, outcast and less fortunate. To do these things because we want to do it and not because we are obliged to do it.

Sacramentals – to be a person of Sacraments is to be Baptised, to have received First Holy Communion and now being Confirmation candidates. Every home should be a Church and the first place to learn about God and faith. Parents are the first Priests to prepare their children and avail themselves for the Sacraments. Reconciliation is very important and should be used to get God’s Grace.

After Confirmation, you should think about the Sacraments and take responsibility for your own Christian lives.