Palm Sunday

Gospel Luke 22:14-23:56

Dear friends, in the First Reading from the prophet Isaiah, we hear about the suffering servant of God. It is easy for us Christians to identify this servant with Jesus. When He was made to suffer despite His innocence, He did not rebel or seek revenge or retaliate against His enemies. He trusted that God was at His side and knew that He would not be put to shame. On this Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, we honour the suffering servant who laid down His life for us.

The Second Reading from St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians describes how Jesus, though the Son of God, emptied Himself of Divine Glory and took the form of a man like us, except sin. Out of love and obedience He willingly accepted death, even death on a cross. Because Jesus humbled Himself and did not cling to any of His special privileges as God’s Son, God greatly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name which is above all names. We are called today to have the same attitude of humility and obedience as Christ our Lord had. The Gospel is a story of a Saviour who is fulfilling His mission. An innocent man who was betrayed, denied and abandoned by friends. Yet He forgives them.

That is the message for us this Palm Sunday – forgiveness. Like Jesus, people might have hurt us and offended us and our tendency is to imprison the person in our hearts. Today He has forgiven us through His death and He wants us also to forgive no matter the degree of the offense. When we forgive we let go of the imprisonment from our hearts and we get blessings. Out of the death of Jesus, blessings came to us, so today we ask for the spirit of forgiveness. Amen.

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