Palm Sunday Passion

Gospel Matthew 26:14-27:66 

Dear brothers and sisters, I took the long version of the Passion of the Lord, because there are many moments which we cannot miss or experience that St Matthew is giving us. This is not a report that each journalist does, no, it is what each evangelist does according to their own intention and whom they want to address, and they select what they want to give as the message. In this case Matthew has different aspects that other evangelists don’t have. For example he quotes the Prophets many times, like Ezekiel with the wall of the temple; he expresses the sorrow of the disciples and also the death of Judas. This is a very deep page of theology full of symbols. There are many things which we can take and meditate on but I will choose just a few of them.

First, the situation of Judas. Who is Judas? He has been accused of being a betrayer, criticised without mercy. Judas for Matthew is the symbol of humanity. That side of humanity that goes astray and refused Jesus. Even though seeing all of the passionate love that Jesus had for humanity, so many times our humanity decides to follow another side. And then we see what happens, sometimes it becomes too late when we realise, as Judas did. In the history of humankind, we can review many experiences in which man puts God outside, rejects Him and decides to build their own way of life. The experience of Judas can be the experience of each one of us that decides to live by our own law, our own mind, thoughts, decisions and dreams.

Matthew presented to the other disciples – Is it a law? This question should invite us to reflect. How is my discipleship? How am I following Jesus?  In my daily life, does it show that I belong to Him, that I am following Him? Or am I betraying Him, delivering Him with my daily choices? This Holy week is the time to contemplate the Great Passion of Love that God has for humanity. At the same to put in front of this Great Love our human experiences, all the situations in this moment that our world is facing. Leave your human desires behind, the profit which Judas was looking for – What will you give me if I deliver Him to you? Sometimes we allow ourselves to move in that direction, it’s convenient for me to put Jesus behind me. This is probably what is happening today, our humanity is putting Jesus back and we don’t show ourselves as disciples.

There are many other aspects but I invite all of you to meditate at home and take the time to reflect on this Great Love that has been crucified for each one of us.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.