Palm Sunday

Gospel Luke 22:14-23:56 

When we celebrate the beauty of a Baptism and the Easter Vigil, there are some elements we call explicative rituals (the rituals explains itself). The Liturgy itself is full of meanings. If we think about, pray and see what we did this morning, the meaning of our actions are connected with our souls, minds, prayers and intentions. Palms are not just a symbol of our service.

In Genesis before original sin, Adam and Eve were naked and there was no problem about that. After sin, they discovered themselves naked and felt ashamed and covered themselves with palms and leaves. Today we also hear that the people took out their palms and garments to make a carpet for Jesus and acclaim Him. We can use this symbol of palms as our humanity and put it at Jesus’ disposition. We are called also to use these Palms, not only physically, but a Palm as our lives, a living branch, that acclaims Jesus not only as He enters Jerusalem as our false hope of a Messiah but a real hope of the Messiah that He is. A Messiah that wants to save us through service, to serve us through suffering and passion.

I invite you to take time to read the Passion again and again, slowly, in silence, be inside and part of the journey with Jesus encountering the different people.

Most of the time when Jesus performs a miracle, He puts Himself aside, He doesn’t want to be seen. In His entrance He is putting Himself in the centre. This is the time to acclaim Jesus as the Saviour. Hosanna means Jesus save us, rescue us.

This week is a special week of prayer, sacrifice, sadness and sacred time. On Thursday Jesus, through the bread and wine and the act of service of washing the feet of the disciples, institutes the Eucharist. Friday, through the Stations and the Passion, our Lord is killed for us. Saturday is silent, the day the Church is mourning. In the evening at the Vigil we celebrate through the symbol of Fire, the Word of God, the Sacrament of Baptism and the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Mother of the Liturgies – Easter.

You are invited to rejoice and celebrate life and to proclaim through our faith that death doesn’t have the last word and life has triumphed in Jesus.

During this week we come to participate in Jesus’ Cross, Suffering and Resurrection. In the beginning of the Gospel, Jesus was at the mountain. In His whole life the mountain is important for Him. The mountain of the Manifestation for celebration, the mountain of suffering for agony, the mountain of Passion for crucifixion, and the mountain of Resurrection for life.

We are invited to meditate and realise which mountain we find ourselves and to be with Jesus in that manifestation, suffering, death and call to life.

I would like to conclude with two simple words that come from the Passion we proclaimed:

* Pray

The disciples were sleeping. Jesus said, pray, don’t fall into temptation. Pray, overcome the darkness of the time.

* It’s enough

Enough of what? Enough division and sin. Jesus said it two times in the Passion.