Martha & Mary

Gospel Luke 10:38-42
Say welcome to your neighbour. Today we look at these two words – Hospitality versus Hostility. Think about how hostile we have become in our society, because we are scared to be hospitable. In the Bible we hear of hospitality and Jesus teaches us to be hospitable. It is easy to welcome people we like, but what about those we don’t like? How much we need to convert, to share and allow others to know us. To heal.
So here are three aspects to think about:
1. Be close to others
2. To heal wounds
3. To be welcoming
What are your priorities? What is your need?
Jesus invites us to welcome Him, which allows us to change our hostility to hospitality. Our suffering is nothing compared to the joys of paradise. Pray to learn to offer our sufferings to grow, through the sufferings of the Cross.