Jesus sends out the 72

Gospel Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

Today we are celebrating the National Day of Prayer for Migrants and Refugees. There are over 260 million migrants and 70 million refugees. These are not just numbers. Why do these millions of people run from their own countries? They break their families and escape from war and poverty so that they can have better lives. They escape because there is something wrong in our societies.

Pope Francis said it is not just about migrants but everyone. South Africa is a rainbow nation and diversity is the key to build up this country. We need to pray for each other. Pray for people using their skills, talents and love to support their families everyday irrespective of where they come from. Why do we behave against love and charity when like everyone else, these migrants and refugees work hard for a better life? Respect human dignity and diversity.

We are in communion with Jesus Christ; we are the 72 disciples Jesus sends all over the world. It is the Church’s task as well as ours to spread the Gospel and to create a new society and a new world. Pray for those that are taken advantage of through corruption. Make a decision, act and move, work against the wrong. It is the concern of the Church to care for migrants and refugees. They are not marginalized but they are the Centre of the Church.