Followers of Christ

Gospel Luke 9:51-62

Who wants to be a disciple of Jesus?

Today’s 1st reading and Gospel is about being a disciple of Jesus. Being Jesus’ disciple is not easy. We need to make sacrifices and God demands everything from us.

In the 1st reading there is a call for Elisha to be a disciple of Elijah. But Elisha’s response was not what Elijah expected. Elisha renounced everything and eventually left and served Elijah. We need to come wholeheartedly to the service of God.

In the 2nd reading there is a call for freedom. We need to remain steadfast in our freedom. He who follows Christ knows one law – love of God and love of neighbour.

Today’s Gospel says that no-one who looks back is fit for the Kingdom of God. These are harsh words! Jesus says we should not regress even though we are human! He incites us with three conditions:

– to renounce everything, even to lay down our head

– nothing is more important than Jesus and His message

– to remove all impediments and distractions

A ploughman has to be on the plough, he doesn’t have to push because of the animals pulling. His job is to guide the plough and to keep it from obstacles and strain. He can’t be looking back when his hands are on the plough, he needs to look straight ahead, probably at two places at once; down where the plough is going and up on the horizon. He has to see the bigger picture.

In the same way, we have to steer the plough, keep an eye on each movement and where we are headed, remove whatever knocks the plough off course and not look back because it is futile.

Jesus’ home was the road, He never took the wrong road and He was constantly on a journey. His road map was the call of His Father and He followed it to the end. To be a true follower of Christ on the road to Heaven means that we need to have worked honestly and have given to our fellow Christians. Such a person has nothing to fear. When we realise that we need Him, when we show that we are following Him, only then will we be ploughing our Christian pathway to Heaven. Amen.