Fishers of Men

Gospel Matthew 4:12-23

A special extract from the Homily given at Regina Mundi Catholic Church in Soweto for the Launch of the Pastoral Plan, by Bishop Sithembele Sipuka.

We cannot be content with being just disciples sitting at Jesus’ feet, but rather to be apostles that do the work of Christ. Our mission is to go and become apostles from being disciples.

Become energetic after receiving Jesus in communion. Let the energy and strength of being disciples help us become apostles. We cannot be one without the other. Instead of evangelising at the feet of Jesus, let us become evangelisers.

The pastoral plan symbol is that of a hand and a hand is associated with work. What can we do in our circumstances? How can we take the opportunity to become apostles? How can we become fishers? Can we move from darkness to light through our plan to bring this light to every dimension of our life and the world?

Let us ask for the grace to become missionaries.