Epiphany of the Lord

Gospel Matthew 2:1-12

Today we celebrate the Epiphany of our Lord, His Manifestation to all nations. During this Feast we must go back into the times to see the process of the Manifestation. The first people to reach Him were the Shepherds; humble and simple they were ready to move and encounter, they were people of wisdom. They arose, went out and contemplated.

Meditate on the Manifestation and think about which kind of people you are:

People that want to kill Jesus –

Herod used his personal projects and business to kill Jesus. You and I are Herod when we put our business first with illegal profits, when we throw rubbish on the street corners when no-one is looking, when we connect to electricity and water illegally, when we rent a room to five people that is meant for one, when we pay bribes for getting our licence, etc. etc.

Religious people –

These are very devoted people that attend every Mass and pray all the time but ignore the poor and ignore justice. Their lives don’t reflect the “Amen” they say. They are not connected with reality or the poor. They have religion only on the outside but on the inside they are rotten.

Magi and Shepherds –

These people take a risk, they may have less profits/money but they have the advantage of truth.

Who are you? Are you the one that attends Mass on the first Sunday of the year to get God’s blessing and then forget to come to Church for the rest of the year? For which reason do you attend Mass – out of duty or out of fear of superstitions that nothing bad or negative will happen if you come to Mass? Do you fill the pews with no commitment and with no encounter with Jesus? Do you come to Church when it pleases you? Do you receive Communion even when you miss Mass? Or are you like the Magi that awakens the desire to encounter the truth and to change the face of society?

There are seven attitudes we need to have to do this:

  1. Listen to the voice of God
  2. Be in research mode – arise, go out and go up
  3. Give new direction to your life – find a new way to go home like the Magi, where you end up will be your real destination
  4. Become a star – lead others to Jesus
  5. Remove the darkness and evil in your hearts
  6. Abstain from being proud and having evil thoughts – these are the current roots of our society
  7. Be selfless, give yourself to the service and unconditional care of others

The Magi offer three gifts – Gold because He was a King, Incense because He was God and Myrrh because He was human. The three kings from Asia, Africa and Europe represent the universality of the Church. This was Jesus’ message to us.

What are you bringing like the Magi? Let us pray that we can start the pilgrimage of truth that will lead us to peace and reconciliation. Amen.