Easter Sunday

Gospel John 20:1-9 

Easter is the time we experience the presence of the Risen Lord in our midst. My question for each one of us – How to experience the Resurrection, the presence of our Lord today especially in the time of the pandemic? How to see the signs of Resurrection in this moment? You need to do two important things:

1 – See our inner attitudes; inner disposition. Find joy and hope. Joy and hope must be in our hearts. To find joy we need to be sure that we are guided by the Holy Spirit. And since we are guided by the Holy Spirit, hope will come with the action of the Holy Spirit in our life. With these inner attitudes we will be led to be witnesses of the Lord; to testify to the people in the community that there is a Lord. What do you need to do for this inner disposition? Open your heart to the action of the Holy Spirit with small things in your daily life.

An example is the way I learned to make the palm crosses with the Catechism children last Saturday. I thought I couldn’t do it because of my age but a small boy taught me. I opened my heart to that experience and found joy and hope.

2 – Encounter or see the presence of Christ among my brothers and sisters, especially among those who suffer, the poor, the migrants and refugees, the sick, those in prison, those using drugs, etc. The Risen Lord is with them as we remember in the Gospel of Matthew – help them even in the time of pandemic.

A great example was in Manilla in the Philippines. During the pandemic in lockdown, before the vaccines, there was a doctor working in the ER that got Covid and died, doing his mission to help others. A few hours before he died, he texted his wife – I did my mission, I am sorry for that but I am going to die.

The invitation is to open your hearts to serve others even in a pandemic and there you will find the Risen Lord.

May the Light of Christ in the Paschal Candle, light and open our hearts to experience joy and hope in our communities, families and colleagues.

The Body of Christ in the Eucharist as we celebrate the Last Supper is telling us to see and admit this Risen Christ among our brothers and sisters.

These are our intentions for this Easter.