Christ Our King and Saviour

24th November 19

Moment of Grace

And he said, “Jesus, remember me when You come in Your kingly power.” Luke 23:42

It is incredibly liberating when we possess humility! We, too, might be hated and scoffed at, but humility leads to self sacrifice, and self sacrifice to obedience. And we might find ourselves doing things against our human pride, especially for those who we know speak ill of us and think nothing of scandalising us.

Admission of our unworthiness and need for the Lord is the beginning of humility. This is when we can detach from all earthly things and submit to the kingly power of Jesus at work in us. Working toward unity and peace is a step toward working for God’s kingdom to be made real on earth.

Jesus, my King, Your love for me won You a crown of thorns, and got You nailed to the Cross. What shame I have for my sin! From Your infinite mercy look upon me, a humble sinner, and help me change my heart to be unattached to the things of this earth because Your Kingdom far greater richness than this world can hold. On this beautiful Feast Day of Your Kingship, bestow upon me Your grace to keep my eyes focused on You as I carry my cross. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Christ, my King; I worship and adore You!



Courtesy: Otto