Blessings and woes

Gospel Luke 6:17, 20-26 

What is the biggest greatest blessing that we have? Eternal life. Jesus is life. In our Parish it’s very common to ask for a blessing of the Rosary, house, car, etc. Nothing wrong in this but what is the image that we have of a blessing? Something external, that will change things, something magical that will transform my life and my family. Blessings are not magic actions. A blessing is the action of God in our lives. On the contrary of blessings is being cursed. When things go wrong one after the other, we think someone is doing witchcraft. It is external and we can do nothing. But we as Christians and baptised believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, the power of grace and the presence of God that can overcome any evil, curse, negativity and any act of witchcraft. Nothing can compare to the power of the Holy Spirit. The question to you and me is – do you believe in that power?

We struggle to believe in that power, the blessing of eternal life, the blessing of joy, of God’s grace. How can we meditate on that blessing when we have poverty, hunger, crying and persecution? Where is the blessing of the Lord? We always associate blessings when everything is good and going our way. When we are sick and things are difficult then we are not blessed in that moment. Many blessings come through the cross and with the sign of the cross.

That is why the invitation today of the Beatitudes of Jesus is to look at poverty – Blessed are the poor, blessed are those who hunger, blessed are those who weep, blessed are those who are persecuted…

How can we in our poverty, hunger, crying and persecution find a way to holiness, happiness and understand and discover the blessings that the Lord has prepared for us?

There is a phrase – looking for happiness, I became unhappy. How many times we looked for happiness and ended up in a worse situation than before? Why? We were looking for happiness and blessings in the wrong place, in the wrong way or in our own way.

Today in this Beatitudes, in this call to attention – Woe to you… , be careful, don’t be misled by the joys of this time, by your richness, by your consolations and when everything is ok. Use your possessions, use the resources you have, use your joys to become a blessing for others.

St Paul in the Second Reading reminds us that our greatest joy is eternal life. Anything and everything we do is this life has a connection to that.

We believe in God with His mercy, we believe in God that gives us prosperity in abundance when we trust in Him. Trusting Him is finding in Him our joy, the source of our hope, and the source of being blessings to one another. Amen.