Sermon Speakers: Fr. Pablo Velasquez

Epiphany of the Lord

03, January, 2021Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 2:1-12  In the Roman Catholic Church we separate the liturgical celebration of Christmas and the Epiphany. Epiphany is manifestation and this is the great occasion [...]


Third Sunday of Advent

13, December, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 1:6-8, 19-28  Today I invite you to look at your fingerprint and you will find out something very special – that we are unique. We are not photocopies! We need to be [...]


Paying taxes to Caesar

21, October, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 22:15-21  I would like to invite all of you to look inside your pockets, find a coin and look at it. Think of how you received this coin? What does it mean to you? [...]


The unforgiving servant

13, September, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 18:21-35 I would like to ask you – Do you have good neighbours? Why? I will tell you a short story. There were two neighbours that didn’t get along. Every day th [...]


The Assumption

16, August, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Luke 1:39-56  Happy Easter to everyone! Why, because it’s the Assumption of our Blessed Mother? It is the Easter of our Blessed Mother and we are celebrating her passage [...]


Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven

26, July, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 13:44-52  To better understand these Parables we need to go to the geographical and historical context in which Jesus took from that reality and Matthew to teach Hi [...]


Loving Jesus & following Him

28, June, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 10:37-42  Today’s Gospel begins in a very strange way. “He who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me… “. He is talking about family issues [...]



31, May, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 20:19-23  Brothers and sisters, today we have two texts, the First Reading and the Gospel, that present the same event – the descent of the Holy Spirit: Pentecost. W [...]


Palm Sunday Passion

05, April, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 26:14-27:66  Dear brothers and sisters, I took the long version of the Passion of the Lord, because there are many moments which we cannot miss or experience that S [...]


Jesus Heals the Blind Man

22, March, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 9:1-41  Today is a Sunday of Joy because Easter is coming soon but how can we rejoice when the whole world is kneeling and praying for the thousands that are already i [...]

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