Sermon Speakers: Dc. Walter Middleton

Jesus heals many

11, February, 2021Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Mark 1:29-39  The book of Job, as we heard in the First Reading discusses a problem that has distressed the people of all times: why are there so many people in the world w [...]


The First Disciples

18, January, 2021Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 1:35-42    The text of the First Reading narrates the story of a call from God. God calls Samuel and he responds, “Speak Lord, Your servant is listening.” Samuel [...]


Second Sunday of Advent

06, December, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Mark 1:1-8  The man who embarks on a journey away from home will always long to return home one day. Our home is our identity. The readings from this second Sunday of Adven [...]


Parable of the Talents

17, November, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 25:14-30  The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about women. How fitting that the book ends with a picture of a woman of strong character, great wisdom, many skills [...]


The Two Sons Parable

27, September, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 21:28-32   If God is good and just why does He permit evil in this world? The prophet answers: “Sin is the cause of death. Once man renounces sin, he lives a new [...]


Take up your Cross

31, August, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 16:21-27  The first reading from the book of Jeremiah gives a breathtaking illustration of the irresistible power of God’s word. Jeremiah is confronted with a pro [...]


The Promise of the Holy Spirit

18, May, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 14:15-21  In the first reading we see that Philip went to a Samaritan town and preached there and he was welcomed because they had heard about the miracles he had perf [...]


Tempted in the Wilderness

02, March, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 4:1-11  The text in the first reading narrates the creation and fall of our first parents. Man is endowed with greatness, but he can become a slave of temptation. F [...]


The Lamb of God

26, January, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 1:29-34 In today’s first reading, the prophet Isaiah assures us that God will redeem his people through his servant who will be the “light of the gentiles,” and p [...]


1st Sunday of Advent

02, December, 2019Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 24:37-44 Today, on the first Sunday of Advent, the Church wishes to remind us of what Advent means. It means – a period of preparation for the coming of our Ch [...]

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