Sermon Speakers: Dc. Walter Middleton

Second Sunday of Advent

06, December, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Mark 1:1-8  The man who embarks on a journey away from home will always long to return home one day. Our home is our identity. The readings from this second Sunday of Adven [...]


Parable of the Talents

17, November, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 25:14-30  The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about women. How fitting that the book ends with a picture of a woman of strong character, great wisdom, many skills [...]


The Two Sons Parable

27, September, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 21:28-32   If God is good and just why does He permit evil in this world? The prophet answers: “Sin is the cause of death. Once man renounces sin, he lives a new [...]


Take up your Cross

31, August, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 16:21-27  The first reading from the book of Jeremiah gives a breathtaking illustration of the irresistible power of God’s word. Jeremiah is confronted with a pro [...]


The Promise of the Holy Spirit

18, May, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 14:15-21  In the first reading we see that Philip went to a Samaritan town and preached there and he was welcomed because they had heard about the miracles he had perf [...]


Tempted in the Wilderness

02, March, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 4:1-11  The text in the first reading narrates the creation and fall of our first parents. Man is endowed with greatness, but he can become a slave of temptation. F [...]


The Lamb of God

26, January, 2020Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel John 1:29-34 In today’s first reading, the prophet Isaiah assures us that God will redeem his people through his servant who will be the “light of the gentiles,” and p [...]


1st Sunday of Advent

02, December, 2019Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Matthew 24:37-44 Today, on the first Sunday of Advent, the Church wishes to remind us of what Advent means. It means – a period of preparation for the coming of our Ch [...]


Zacchaeus the Tax Collector

06, November, 2019Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Luke 19:1-10 The lesson which we have just heard from the book of Wisdom should pull us up sharply and make us think of what we puny men are, and what God is. He tells us th [...]


Jesus heals the ten

15, October, 2019Posted by :Yuresha Perumal

Gospel Luke 17:11-19  My brothers and sisters – let me ask you a question. Are the parishioners of our parish a grateful bunch of people or ungrateful? In today’s first readin [...]