Group Leaders:

President Mabel Majodina | 0780243000
Vice President Francina Kgeola | 0715501902

St Anne's Sodality is an association of Catholic married women. Our Patroness is St Anne a model for every Catholic wife and mother. She was a model of love, loyalty, care and concern.


Our main aims

  1. Personal formation and sanctification of our members.
  2. Mutual prayer and support so as to enable each one fulfil her obligations towards God, her family and her neighbours.
  3. The active participation of the members mission of the church.

We have annual retreat which is an opportunity offered to deepen our life of prayer and personal commitment to God.

We meet every second Sunday of each month before mass at 12pm. We share the gospel readings and prayers.

 Our Motto

Serve the Family, Serve the Church, Serve the Community