Group Leader :

Freeman: 084 776 7665
Catherine: 078 165 4381

The Focolare movement has been present in the parish of St Patrick La Rochelle for many years. The group meets every 3rd Sunday of the month after the 10am Mass. The meeting is centred on the “Word of Life” which is a commentary on a sentence of the Gospel of the current month used by members of the Focolare throughout the world. Those who attend the meeting share experiences of how they have lived the Word of Life of the previous month. The intent is to understand the Word of God and to put it into practice in daily life.


The Focolare is a movement of spiritual and social renewal, founded in Trent, Italy, in 1943, during the Second World War by Chiara Lubich. It is officially known as the Work of Mary and was approved by the Catholic Church in 1962. It is now present in most nations and more than 2 million people adhere to its spirituality and take part in its activities.

Inspired by Jesus’ prayer to the Father, “May they all be one” (Jn 17:21), the aim of the Focolare is to contribute to bringing about unity in the world. To achieve this goal, the members of the Movement engage in various forms of dialogue and are committed to building bridges of fraternal relationships among individuals, between cultural groups and in every area of society.

Spirituality: The first fundamental principle of the “spirituality of unity” – also called the “spirituality of communion” – is rediscovering God as love and putting him at the centre of one’s life. This choice calls for the practice of “mutual and constant love, which makes unity possible and brings the presence of Jesus among all (…).” By applying the words of the Gospel in one’s daily activities, a lifestyle is created that contributes to building unity and peace, both locally and on a worldwide level.

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