Walter Fredrick Middleton

Dn. Walter Fredrick Middleton

Parish Deacon

Who is Deacon Walter

Deacon Walter Middleton was born in a small town called Phulera, district of Rajasthan, India. He comes from a humble background. He was the eldest of five siblings. His parents were staunch Catholics so instilled in him good values and principles. He served as an altar boy while young in his parish and attended Catholic schools. As his parents could not afford to send him to college he did a course in shorthand and typing which got him a job with an NGO – CARE International, with whom he worked with for 18 years. He then joined another NGO – World Vision International where he worked with for 27 years. He was the Vice President for Food Security and Livelihood. Deacon Walter has travelled to over 75 countries, including North Korea to begin feeding programmes for the poor and hungry. He has received rewards for exemplary service from the United Nations World Food Programme and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), USA. He developed several training materials. He personally met with Saint John Paul II in 2003 and Pope Francis in 2017.  Walter was ordained a Deacon on February 10, 2018. Walter’s hobbies are playing the saxophone and riding his Harley Davidson.  His wife June Middleton is the President of CWL. He has two children, Nicolette and Clinton, a daughter in law Tina and is blessed with two beautiful grandsons, Nathan and Ethan.