Pope Francis prays for families

Pope Francis prays for families facing financial problems During Mass on Monday morning at the Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis prays for families facing financial difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic, and says prayer requires faith, perseverance and courage. (Playback of liturgy included) By Vatican News “Let us pray today for those persons who are […]

Covid-19: Prayer in Jerusalem

Covid-19: Christians, Jews and Muslims join in prayer in Jerusalem The Franciscan Custodian of the Holy Land reflects on the significance of a common prayer raised to the Lord by believers of the three Abrahamic religions in the sacred city of Jerusalem. By Linda Bordoni The leaders of the three Abrahamic religions – Christians, Jews […]

Pope’s Holy Week celebrations

Coronavirus: Pope’s Holy Week celebrations in St. Peter’s Basilica The Office of the Liturgical Celebration of the Supreme Pontiff notifies that the liturgical celebrations of Pope Francis from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday will take place in St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, without the presence of the faithful. The Stations of the Cross will take […]

Reflections and comments on the readings at Christmas Mass Day

Fr. Antony Kadavil reflects and comments on the readings at Christmas Mass during the Day. John 1:1-18 Introduction: While Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus goes back to Abraham and Luke’s genealogy to Adam, John’s genealogy goes back to God Himself. John travels to eternity to reveal to us the theology of Christmas. He presents the Creation story as the […]

On International Migrants Day UN urges protection of their rights

Several heads of UN bodies have called for the protection of the rights of migrants and urged countries to implement the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. By Robin Gomes Stressing that “all migrants are entitled to equal protection of all their human rights,” the United Nations Secretary-General is urging countries to realize […]

Let us become more joyful interpreters of the Gospel

Pope Francis on Saturday receives participants of the Pontifical Council for Culture’s Third International Congress entitled, “Church, Music, Interpreters: A Necessary Dialogue”. By Lydia O’Kane Over the past few days’ attendees to this third International Congress have focused their attention on the interpretation of sacred music, intercultural perspectives involving art forms and vocal qualities. The […]

World Day of the Poor: Clinic open for Rome’s poor

The Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization releases a press statement ahead of the 3rd World Day of the Poor, marked on the 17th of November. By Francesca Merlo The statement says there will be a temporary walk-in-clinic in St Peter’s Square, just as there was last year. The clinic aims to offer medical […]

In The struggle Between Good and Evil choose Salvation

Pope Francis says that in all of us there is a constant struggle between grace and sin. He invites Christians to examine themselves at the end of the day and find out whether their decisions are “from the Lord” or are dictated “by the devil”. By Robin Gomes Pope Francis is urging Christians to ask […]